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What is SectioDivina

We at SectioDivina are committed to a mission that supports all entrepreneurs and small businesses, domestically and internationally. We grew out of nothing, two young students in the Slovak Republic, to an international agency that has operations in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, the United States, and more. Our founder is American born and raised, and has seen first hand the importance of growing local communities and local businesses. Due to these experiences, we dedicated ourselves to those entrepreneurs that need our services the most.


  • Attended three years at University of San Diego for Business Admin


  • Graduated from Arizona State University with degree in Business Admin


  • Attended the Semester at Sea program in Spring of 2017


  • Entrepreneur of three separate companies


  • Freelancer for over three years (in SEO and social media advertising)


  • Member of the American Marketing Association, Arizona State University Venture Devils program, Changemaker Student Committee, and Entrepreneurship Club, assisting student entrepreneurs for four years in their ventures


  • Conversational in Slovak, Spanish, and Italian

Michael R. Mascetti


Currently, we are based out of Phoenix, Arizona, though we have operations all across the United States. The owner travels frequently between Arizona, Illinois, California, Colorado, and Nevada to work with our clients and partners. Our goal is to expand across the United States, and to allow small businesses the opportunity to compete and to flourish alongside their big business competitors.

Be sure to check out our services and contact pages for information regarding what our company is about, and visit our social media pages to stay updated with industry news, advice, and projects.

Welcome to SectioDivina.